Constituent Voice provides your organization with two unique products designed to maximize the effectiveness of your message.

AdvocacyDay is the essential tool for those participating in visits to Capitol Hill. Advocacy Day helps your participants navigate from meeting to meeting, provides them with talking points and note taking ability and asks them to take surveys of their experience. Additionally Advocacy Day provides a real time link between you and the participants. Meeting time changed? No problem! Change the time in the easy-to-use administrative interface, and a notification goes straight to the participants smart phone! Learn More

AdvocacyNow gives members of your organization a way to participate in advocacy efforts year-round. Give your members the inside information on their legislators and how they've voted on your issues. AdvocacyNow can alert your members when important votes are taking place and can even send messages straight to the legislator's office. You control the bills and votes relevant to your causes and even give your users pre-filled messages and talking points to send to their representatives, all from the administrative interface! Learn More

With both apps you know what your members are saying. Get detailed reports on which users are logging in and what they're sending to Congress. Download your user's notes and know how well meetings with their representatives progressed. Ask you users specific questions with the built-in survey and encourage your users to share your causes in social media.

Additional Products