Advocacy Day


You’ll have an interactive schedule that’s easy for your advocates to read and maintain.

Meeting Details

From your dashboard you can share social media and access:

  • Your congressperson’s contact info
  • Your documents
  • Your notes
  • Social media sharing


Our detailed map feature gives you walking directions directly to your congressperson’s office.


This feature provides access to all the documents your advocates need, and even provides an easy way to share them.

Talking Points

Advocates will approach every meeting armed with precise talking points to help keep them on point and put them ahead of the game.


When the meeting starts, Advocates can easily and quickly take notes that will stay in the final report.


This app gives you up-to-date bios on all the congress people your advocates will meet.


We want you to be happy. Your advocates will receive a simple push survey notification at the end of the day. It’s never been easier.


This feature lets you see who’s going to be at the events. It’s an easy way to keep your contacts and maintain access to them, and it’s all in one place.

Power your Hill visits with AdvocacyDay

If you are putting together an event on Capitol Hill, you’ll want to know more about AdvocacyDay. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Schedule an average of 99% of your participants’ requested meetings
  • Offer advocates access to schedules and real-time changes through their Smartphones with our AdvocacyDay app. It’s also available for use by groups to schedule their own meetings.
  • Provide you with detailed individual schedules, including maps for your advocates and master reports arranged by state, time or principal
  • Give you 24-7 access to our exclusive online scheduling database. You’ll know what’s been requested, what’s been scheduled and which meetings are with legislators. Really, you’ll have everything you need to know to make the most of your event.
  • Provide you with standard pricing based on the number of meetings and extra services you need.
  • Train your advocates to move from just “Being Heard” to “Being the Respected Voice of Reason” with your policy issues. Stephanie Vance, a 20-year Capitol Hill veteran and sought after advocacy trainer will share her insight with you through “The Three A’s of Effective Advocacy” and “10 Things Not to Do and the One Thing that ALWAYS Works.” She will also address how to build long term relationships with legislators.