AdvocacyNow makes year-around advocacy easy. It empowers your advocates to send your message directly to their legislators anywhere, anytime! Customize your issues in the adminstration tool, select bills, votes and news that are relevant to your causes, and create talking points for your advocates to send. You can even allow your advocates to share your causes on Twitter and Facebook, to bring even more exposure and action to your issues.


Your Issues

Give your advocates indepth information on the issues that affect your organization. Include bills, votes, information on lawmakers and how they voted along with news reports.

Take Action


Empower your advocates to take action, right from their app. Whether it's contacting their lawmakers or sharing your issues on social media, AdvocacyNow makes it easy to get your message heard.


Your Impact

No matter your issue, your advocates' messages can make the difference on Capitol Hill. Get your organization's voice heard with AdvocacyNow.

Making Year-round Advocacy Easy