Our Team

Randy Ford

Randy Ford is the President and co-founder of Constituent Voice. It is his considerable experience in tracking legislation and in speaking with lawmakers on Capitol Hill that form the foundation on which the company is built. As the President/COO of National Write Your Congressman, a privately held organization that helps voters connect with their lawmakers, he oversees dozens of unbiased, non-partisan publications that are distributed to thousands of small business owners across the nation. He also manages SGAP, a non-profit organization, which keeps approximately 100,000 high school students informed monthly of current and vital issues going through Congress. Randy has 25 years of experience in legislative research.

Stephanie Vance

Stephanie Vance, also known as the "Advocacy Guru", is author of five books including Citizens in Action: A Guide to Influencing Government and the recently released The Inluence Game.

She's a 25 year veteran of the Washington, D.C. political scene and has held positions as a lobbyist, grassroots consultant and Congressional aide.

Stephanie’s experiences as a legislative director and Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill led her to found Advocacy Associates, a firm dedicated to helping individuals and organizations be both heard and agreed with in the legislative environment. To achieve that goal she provides in-person and online trainings for thousands of advocates around the world.

Ms. Vance holds a Master’s Degree in Legislative Affairs from George Washington University and a Master’s Degree in Liberal Studies at Georgetown University. She lives and works in Washington D.C.

About Constituent Voice

Our mission is to provide technology solutions to empower you and your organization. Despite dissenting voices that reverberate constantly from Capitol Hill, we clear the air and make it easy for your organization’s members to hear your message clearly, and to spread your word to their lawmakers, and beyond.

Our industry partners include National Write Your Congressman, a well-respected legislative research firm with almost sixty years of proven experience in providing small business owners with a voice on Capitol Hill. Advocacy Associates provides guidance and leadership in directing organizations toward influencing Congress through grassroots efforts. And KnowWho provides political contact information with directory and data solutions for “Who’s Who?” on Capitol Hill.

Our cutting edge technology has been developed from the ground up by professionals in data processing and user-interface design. Our team is a dynamic blend of young technologists and seasoned veterans who are experts at using the latest technology to enable people to communicate effectively with government officials.